In Bosnia and Herzegovina football began play during the Austro - Hungarian rule, the 1908th , when the first ball was made in the city on the Neretva River in Mostar . Until World War II , but were formed clubs in Mostar , Sarajevo , Banja Luka , Tuzla , Zenica and Bihac . The first competitions began in 1908th year . For the Kingdom of Yugoslavia , the number of clubs and players has been growing by the day . At the level of the Drina and Vrbas provinces there were football associations . After the Second World War formed the Football Association of SR Bosnia and Herzegovina through the organs of Physical Education of the Republic . Football Federation SRBiH was part of the Football Union of the former Yugoslavia. At that time football was organized in all categories and at different levels ( republican , regional , inter-municipal and municipal leagues ) . The best clubs participated at the federal level in the first , second and third tier. Teams from the Bosnian first division were several times champions of Yugoslavia : FK Sarajevo ( 1965/66 and 1984/85 ) , FK Zeljeznicar Sarajevo ( 1971/72 ) . FK Velez Mostar and FK Borac Banja Luka conquerors Cup Yugoslavia - Velez 1981st and in 1985. year , a fighter in 1987. 900 teams took part in the structure of the Football Alliance . On the international scene , as far came FK Zeljeznicar , who played in the semifinals of the UEFA Cup in 1985. year .

In April 1992 , NSBiH has applied for admission to membership in FIFA and UEFA . Because of the war , NSBiH was admitted to full membership of FIFA and associate membership of UEFA, only 1996th year . 1998th year in Dublin , Ireland , NSBiH becoming a full member of UEFA. Thus, the local clubs have a chance to participate in the UEFA Cups . In the transition period , 1997/98 , played the play-offs , in which participating clubs NSBiH NS " Herceg-Bosna " . The first champion was FK Zeljeznicar , who is in the finals and defeated FK Sarajevo 1-0 . In season 1998/99 , the play-off was played , but the next season already in the playoffs participating clubs from across the Federation, except the Republic of Serbian .

15th April 2000th year , there was a general meeting NSBiH which was enacted a new statute alliance . Representatives of the Republic of Serbian FS did not participate in this meeting , and that is why the UEFA suspended their teams from the playoffs ( 1999/2000) . In the meantime , all representations ( " A " , " A2 " , U- 21 , U- 18 , U- 16 , futsal , female and female U- 18 ) participate in all competitions of FIFA and UEFA. The two teams play the international friendly match .

Footbal asociation of Bosnia and Herzegovina

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