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hisIn Bosnia and Herzegovina football began play during the Austro - Hungarian rule, the 1908th , when the first ball was made in the city on the Neretva River in Mostar .

Until World War II , but were formed clubs in Mostar , Sarajevo , Banja Luka , Tuzla , Zenica and Bihac .

The first competitions began in 1908th year .

For the Kingdom of Yugoslavia , the number of clubs and players has been growing by the day.

At the level of the Drina and Vrbas provinces there were football associations.

After the Second World War formed the Football Association of SR Bosnia and Herzegovina through the organs of Physical Education of the Republic.

Football Federation SRBiH was part of the Football Union of the former Yugoslavia.

At that time football was organized in all categories and at different levels ( republican , regional , inter-municipal and municipal leagues ).

The best clubs participated at the federal level in the first, second and third tier.

Teams from the Bosnian first division were several times champions of Yugoslavia: FK Sarajevo ( 1965/66 and 1984/85 ), FK Zeljeznicar Sarajevo ( 1971/72 ).

FK Velez Mostar and FK Borac Banja Luka conquerors Cup Yugoslavia - Velez 1981st and in 1985. year, a fighter in 1987.

900 teams took part in the structure of the Football Alliance.

On the international scene, as far came FK Zeljeznicar, who played in the semifinals of the UEFA Cup in 1985. year.

In April 1992, NSBiH has applied for admission to membership in FIFA and UEFA.

Because of the war, NSBiH was admitted to full membership of FIFA and associate membership of UEFA, only 1996th year.

1998th year in Dublin , Ireland, NSBiH becoming a full member of UEFA.

Thus, the local clubs have a chance to participate in the UEFA Cups.

In the transition period, 1997/98, played the play-offs, in which participating clubs NSBiH NS " Herceg-Bosna ".

The first champion was FK Zeljeznicar, who is in the finals and defeated FK Sarajevo 1-0.

In season 1998/99, the play-off was played, but the next season already in the playoffs participating clubs from across the Federation, except the Republic of Serbian.

15th April 2000th year, there was a general meeting NSBiH which was enacted a new statute alliance.

Representatives of the Republic of Serbian FS did not participate in this meeting, and that is why the UEFA suspended their teams from the playoffs ( 1999/2000) . In the meantime, all representations ( " A " , " A2 " , U- 21 , U- 18 , U- 16, futsal, female and female U- 18 ) participate in all competitions of FIFA and UEFA. The two teams play the international friendly match.



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