Players work very professionally

Before the departure of the “A” team’s players to today’s training session, the assistant coach Dragan Spasić and defender Ervin Zukanović addressed media representatives at the “Austria & Bosnia” Hotel in Ilidža.

Upon arrival, the players worked individually at the gym, which was why Spasić praised them in his address:

“Today we will do an easier training, where we will introduce the team into the preparatory and training section. Players, as well as at the previous gathering, work very professionally and I want them to continue so, to do these two matches in the right way. The term is difficult, the championships have just finished and the holiday is already being considered, but honour to the players on their behaviour and work upon their arrival to preparations. There is nothing we can complain about. We hope that the game will be even better with each new match, and that’s why they serve these gatherings, to see and correct all the deficiencies.”

When asked how important victories are in friendly matches, Zukanović replied:

“Victories always raise self-confidence and that is why we need to take the matches seriously and approach with the maximum. Although a tough season is behind us and there is both mental and physical fatigue, we will make here a good atmosphere, play matches in the right way, and after that think about rest.”

“Dragons” will do the first training session at the Training Camp of FK Sarajevo in Butmir at 18:00 h.



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