Savo Milošević the new head coach, the list of players for the October matches

At today’s session of the BH FF Executive Board, Savo Milošević was elected as the new head coach of the Bosnia and Herzegovina “A” national team.

On this occasion, a press conference was held in the premises of the Federation in Sarajevo, where the BH FF president Vico Zeljković, director of the “A” national team Zvjezdan Misimović and head coach Savo Milošević addressed the media representatives.

In his opening address, president Zeljković said, among other things:

“It is known that in the past period we ended the cooperation with Mr. Meho Kodro. It is true that Kodro led the national team for only two matches and, from the football side, it was a very difficult decision. Similarly, the reactions after that were also not football-like, but we will not comment on that. We have set a clear goal, to win second place in the group and qualify for the EURO. We didn’t achieve that goal, but we didn’t finish the fight to qualify for the European Championship, because we also have a play-off in March. The goal was to win six points from the previous two matches, which would leave us in the fight for second place. We won three points and thus threatened that place, which is no longer realistic, so a reaction followed.”

Zeljković also said:

“We have a new head coach and we are going for new goals and new victories. We want to make a breakthrough and qualify for the European Championship for the first time. Mr. Misimović, as director of the national team, held several talks with candidates for the position of head coach, and, in the end, we came to the position and decision to go in the direction of Savo Milošević. We held a series of meetings with him and came to the conclusion that with the experience he has from the past, as a player, official and coach, we should enter into an engagement with him and that he should be a head coach in the following period. In the next four matches, as many points as possible are desirable, but they are essentially preparation for the play-offs in March.”

Savo Milošević stated:

“First of all, I want to thank the president and the leadership of the Federation for their trust. I am aware that it is not an easy decision. I am here today exclusively for a sporting reason, football. I sincerely believe that this team can compete for a place in the European Championship, it has the quality to be there. That path is difficult, thorny, but it has the quality to achieve a qualification. Also, I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t believe we could make it happen. I truly believe that I can help this team.”

Milošević then announced the names of the players he was counting on in the matches with Liechtenstein and Portugal. You can download the list HERE.

“These guys who have been invited up and not only them, because I believe there are guys who have not been invited so far, have quality. I will come back to the qualifications that we did not give up, but we have to be realistic. Play-off matches are specific. Play-off matches are played with heart, character, fight, players’ willingness to play 100%. That’s also the only difference I’ve seen among those teams that do something, whether to win a trophy, to stay in the league or something. Whoever is ready to make sacrifices, to show more than the opponent, the quality is a little less decisive, he can help. Those teams that are ready to give more than is realistic at a given moment, those teams that show character, those guys that are ready to sacrifice themselves for the sake of others on the pitch, only those can bring this out. I’m sure there are such guys, and that’s the type of matches that await us in the play-offs. We should act accordingly. I will come back to the qualifiers and we can look at them as preparatory matches, but my experience in the national team is that the national team does not even have friendly matches. Every relationship must be maximal”, concluded Savo Milošević.

Zvjezdan Misimović thanked Meho Kodro for his cooperation so far, and congratulated the new head coach and wished him luck in the qualifiers and in the play-offs in March.



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