BH pioneers defeated by a goal in the last minute of the match

The U-15 national team of Bosnia and Herzegovina was defeated today in the BH FF Training Centre in Zenica with 0:1 in a friendly match with the corresponding team of Slovenia.

The guests had a slight field initiative in the opening minutes of the match, but they created the first chance only in the 21st minute, when Jake Premrl’s attempt from the five-meter area was blocked by goalkeeper Tarik Banjić. After that, Čedomir Ćulum’s team also played better, and in the 38th minute, Said Nišić, after a solo break through, made an excellent shot from the edge of the penalty area, but Slovenian goalkeeper Tilen Golić made an excellent intervention.

In the second half, there were no better chances until the very end of the match, when Slovenia was awarded a penalty. Žan Meško was the reliable penalty taker for the visitors’ victory.

After the match, the head coach of the BH team, Čedomir Ćulum, stated:

“We had a very demanding opponent who played in two different systems and in these two days we worked to prepare the players for the option where they play 4-3-3 and the 3-5-2 option. Defensively, we managed to respond to that with quality, until a mistake in the last minute of the match. What we have to improve for the second match is the response in the attacking phase and possession of the ball. Regardless of the result, we can be satisfied with this check, because our players will have more experience. They have an opportunity to feel the difference compared to our league and the intensity of the game. Now we have a day to prepare as well as possible for the second match, in which we will try to present ourselves in the best possible light, and to gather as much experience as possible from these two matches.”

These national teams will play another match at the Zenica Training Camp on 10th November at 11:00 h.

Bosnia and Herzegovina - Slovenia 0:1 (0:0)

BH FF Training Centre, Zenica

Referee: Ajdin Baručija

Assistant Referees: Selmin Osmančević, Zerin Bajrambašić

Goals: 0:1 Meško (80th, penalty kick)

Yellow cards: Arman Rebac (BH)

Bosnia and Herzegovina: Tarik Banjić (74th, Ognjen Kosanović), Din Karamehmedović (74th, Ajdin Raščić), Amar Zahirović (41st, Stefan Višekruna), Edib Dazdarević, Nikša Blagojević, Miloš Soprenić (41st, Ervin Slanjankić), Deni Nuhanović (41st, Jovan Ćulum), Kenan Vrban (74th, Danijel Širić), Vukašin Gostimirović (55th, Ismet Mujkić), Said Nišić (55th, Ivan Bošnjak), Amar Osmanović (55th, Arman Rebac). Head Coach: Čedomir Ćulum

Slovenija: Tilen Golić, Denis Videnović, Matevž Šimnovec, Jaka Premrl (41st, Arman Durmiši), Kristjan Jurić, Svit Hočevar (59th, Žiga Krajnc), Luka Vodušek (69th, Urban Horvat), Svit Blaško (69th, Nik Belovič), Matej Mehle (41st, Vid Novak), Žan Meško, Miha Matjašec. Head Coach: Muamer Vugdalić

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