Ćulum: We didn’t use our opportunities, the opponents used individual mistakes in our defence

The U-15 national team of Bosnia and Herzegovina participated in the UEFA development tournament in Tallinn last week.

The BH pioneers played tie in two matches, and the winner was decided by penalties, and in the last round they were defeated by the host of the tournament, Estonia.

The head coach Čedomir Ćulum says about the performance of our national team:

“After winning the “Josip Katalinski Škija” Tournament, where we took first place with victories over Albania and Montenegro, we maintained our level of play at the tournament in Estonia and were dominant through possession against all three national teams. We created many opportunities that, unfortunately, we did not realize. The Moldovans and the Estonians used our individual defensive mistakes and that’s a part of the game that we have to fix.”

Ćulum also added:

“There is also a visible problem of intensity in the game, both physical and technical-tactical, which largely depends on our league, where the match lasts 70 minutes, while the tournament in Estonia was played for 90 minutes. These are developmental tournaments where each player must play at least 90 minutes in three matches, and the most important thing is to see the strengths and weaknesses of our national team, so that through quality work and further selection, they will be ready for the qualifying tournaments that these boys expect when they move to the U-17 national team.”

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