Victory of the BH young national team

The U-21 national team of Bosnia and Herzegovina beat the Chinese team 2:0 in a friendly match today in Velika Gorica.

The goals were scored by Admir Bristrić in the 42nd minute and Filip Čuić in the additional time.

The head coach Igor Janković said after the match:

“We used this date to see what kind of shape our national team players are in. What makes us happy is that we achieved another victory, the third in a row. Also, the positive thing is that we didn’t concede a goal. Congratulations to the players on that. However, the weather affected the game a lot today. The strong wind did not allow the teams to have calmness in passing and organization of the game. However, when everything is added up and taken away, I think we showed more than China and deservedly won.”

Bosnia and Herzegovina - China 2:0 (1:0)

City Stadium, Velika Gorica

Referee: Ivan Marinčević (Croatia)

Goals: 1:0 Bristrić (42'), 2:0 Čuić (90'+2).

Yellow cards: Šukilović, Bašić, Drina, Salihamidžić (BH)

Bosnia and Herzegovina: Nikola Ćetković (74th, Muhamed Šahinović), Filip Račić (61st, Amar Drina), Alden Šuvalija (61st, Tarik Kapetanović), Silvio Ilinković (74th, Eldar Mehmedović), Enver Kulašin (74th, Anes Krdžalić), Madžid Šošić (74th, Andrija Drljo), Admir Bristrić (61st, Nail Omerović), Ivan Bašić (83rd, Amar Tahrić), David Čavić (61st, Filip Čuić), Mustafa Šukilović (74th, Stefan Đurić), Harun Karić (46th, Nick Salihamidžić). Head Coach: Igor Janković

China: Wang Junshuai, Jiang Zhixin, Zhu Jue, Chen Yuhao (25th, Tian Ziyi), Xie Wenneng (Chen Rong), Jia Feifan, Liu Junxian, Duan Dezhi (58th, Liang Weipeng), Zheng Xuejian (58th, Zhu Qiwen), Ma Fuyu (Zhao Jinbo), Jin Shunkai. Head Coach: Cheng Yaodong

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