Gloria Slišković: When you love football, anything is possible

The BH FF Camp in Zenica is lively these days as the best BH female football players are preparing for the first edition of the UEFA Nations League.

There is a lot of laughter and jokes, which is befitting of young girls, but at every moment you feel that they are there, because they live football and believe that it is worth following their dreams. Order, work, and discipline can be seen in training sessions and other obligations that they fulfil conscientiously.

Eighteen-year-old Gloria Slišković is an example of how, from a small community, through work and persistence, you can reach the senior national team and a big club like the Italian Juventus.

The question of how to become a successful football player is readily answered:

“You become a successful football player with a lot of work, effort, and sacrifice. I would also add the love for football, but also the great support of my family. A lot needs to be sacrificed for success, but if we love something and want to succeed, then it is not difficult for us to make sacrifices for such an important thing. With such support and motivation, it is not difficult to follow your dreams.”

Who left the biggest mark on your sports career?

“It is, without a doubt, my former club, SFK 2000 Sarajevo, also my first coach, Slobodan Novaković, from the period when I trained with the boys in Kiseljak. Of course, my family, who is by my side and is my biggest supporter.

Is it difficult to adapt to trainings and matches in a big club like Juventus?

“It was difficult for me at first and it took me some time to get used to it. However, the team accepted me very well and everyone tried to make the adjustment period easier for me. The players are great, as are the coaches and the technical staff. Everyone helped me a lot and now everything is great. I have a great motivation and desire to progress, and the conditions I have allow me to do that.”

What else would you like to achieve in your career besides performing for the national team and playing for Juventus?

“I would like to one day go to a big competition with my national team, such as the European or world championships. As for the club, my wish is to win the Champions League and I hope it will be in the colours of Juventus.”

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