Convincing victory of female juniors for qualification for the A qualifying league

The women’s U-19 national team of Bosnia and Herzegovina won today in Ethno Village Stanišići the corresponding team of Estonia with a convincing 7:2 (4:0) and thus won the first place in group 4 of the qualifying league B for the European Championship.

The BH team had the first chance in the 5th minute. Lamija Oštraković crossed from a free kick from the right, and Lana Radulović headed the ball beside the goal.

Dragan Jevtić’s team took the lead in the 16th minute. Edina Avdić sent the ball from the middle of the pitch into the opponent’s penalty area for Maja Jelčić, who was accurate from ten meters for 1:0.

Marija Ana Milinković tried from a distance in the 22nd minute, the goalkeeper of Estonia bounced the ball to Radulović, who failed to score.

The advantage was doubled in the 24th minute when, after a corner kick from the right side taken by Oštraković, Lisandra Rannasto reacted clumsily and deflected the ball into her own net. Three minutes later, Oštraković took another corner kick from the right side, and Jelčić scored by her head for 3:0.

Rannasto committed a foul in the penalty area on Lana Radulović in the 29th minute, and a penalty kick was awarded for the BH team that was turned by Maja Jelčić into a goal.

In the 40th minute, the same player took a free kick from about 17 meters, and the goalkeeper Victoria Vihman managed to deflect the ball into the pitch and save her net.

The Estonians had a good chance in the continuation, but Kristina Teern diagonally sent the ball wide of the goal from the left side. Two minutes later, our national team responded after Vanessa Šabanović’s cross, and Radulović sent the ball from the five-meter area over the goal. Gloria Slišković also threatened in the 52nd minute after a crowd in the penalty area of Estonia, but goalkeeper Vihman defended her shot.

The Estonians scored another own goal in the 55th minute. Radulović sent the ball from the left to the penalty area, and Elise Kreuz deflected it into her own goal.

Katrin Kirpu managed to send the ball behind Iman Dumanjić from the five-meter area from her second attempt in the 60th minute, and reduced the advantage of the BH national team to 1:5.

Janica Filipović scored the sixth goal for the national team of Bosnia and Herzegovina from the left outside the penalty area in the 67th minute.

In the 75th minute, Kaisa Triin Arike sent the ball from her own half into the penalty area of the BH team, where Kristina Teern managed well and scored the second goal for Estonia.

In the 81st minute, Milena Lepanović ran onto a bounced ball and sent it into the net for the final 7:2.

The following performed for Bosnia and Herzegovina: Iman Dumanjić, Tamara Blagojević, Gloria Slišković, Ivona Benković (62nd, Janica Filipović), Lamija Duvnjak (84th, Anja Gačić), Marija Ana Milinković, Lamija Oštraković (78th, Milena Lepanović), Vanessa Šabanović (78th, Magdalena Brtan), Edina Avdić (62nd, Kristina Tekić), Lana Radulović, Maja Jelčić.

Our national team finished the tournament in first place with 6 points, Moldova is second with 3, while Estonia is third with no points. In the spring of 2023, the BH women’s U-19 national team will seek a place in the European Championship through league A.

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