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Lucić satisfied with the work of the female cadets, the female pioneers also gathered

Winter camps for the U-17 and U-15 women’s national team are being held in the BH FF Training Centre in Zenica this week.

The female players up to 17 years of age finished the camp with today’s control match, and after them the U-15 women’s national team players gathered, who have their first training session today.

About the just finished U-17 camp, the head coach Ilija Lucić says:

“Of the 30 invited women’s national team players, one from Sweden did not respond, because the club did not release her. The others worked very seriously and we can be satisfied with what they showed. In today’s control match, one team had players born in 2006 and the others in 2007, and the younger girls won 3:0. At this moment, the largest number of players we have invited to the camp meets our criteria, so we will have a sweet hard time choosing candidates for the next gatherings. We have more national team’s actions ahead of us, and we will continue to follow all these players in the coming period as well.”

Lucić also referred to the camp for U-15 women’s national team players:

“We invited players players born in 2008 and 2009. And there we will be missing one player, out of 35 on the list. The older generation already has national team experience, because we had a development tournament this summer. The girls born in 2009 are here for the first time, so we will introduce them into this story, so the way of working will be somewhat different compared to female cadets. We will see how it will all look; it is important that we have already started to introduce these girls to national team football and, for sure, there are talented female footballers in these generations.”

The camp for the U-15 women’s national team ends on Sunday, 29th January.

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