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We are embarking on a new mission

As of yesterday, the women’s U-19 national team of Bosnia and Herzegovina is in the preparations that are being held at the Training Centre of the Football Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Zenica.

Assistant coach Selma Omerović says about this gathering:

“We are all happy that we are in the Training Centre again and that we have gathered the U-19 team. We are embarking on a new mission, and that is the elite round of qualifications. We are sure that this generation can be as successful as the previous one. It’s possible that the girls aren’t exactly in some enviable shape because of the break, but that will show up at this gathering. It is important that we started working and that we started preparing the team for the challenges that await us in the qualifications.”

National team player Sofija Krajšumović is also happy about the new gathering:

“We haven’t gathered for a long time and it’s nice to be at one national team’s action again. During the break, I worked individually to keep fit. I am ready to do everything that is required in these preparations. We all tried to make the competition break leave as little trace as possible on us.”

Striker Alma Krajnić thinks that the team is of good quality:

“We are finally together and we are starting preparations for a new qualification cycle. I hope that this generation of players will make good results. Our goal is to repeat last season’s success. We all know how to play football, and in addition we are adorned with motivation, desire and fighting spirit. I am sure that we can continue with successful performances in the upcoming qualifiers.”

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