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UEFA grassroots award for Respekt


FK Respekt from Sarajevo won the 3rd place in the category of the best grassroots club by UEFA, which was announced yesterday by the European umbrella football house, and so this organization continued with a series of awards for its work.

Respekt is an organization that provides all children and young people with free sports, without membership fees and costs of any type for parents / guardians.

The unique mission #FootballForAll, which means side by side, in training and competitions with typical children are children with disabilities, Roma, children without parental care, children with disabilities, children from socially disadvantaged families, children-victims of violence... This the organization is an example of inclusion and acceptance through extracurricular activities, and has close to 200 members. Respekt has two senior teams, ŽFK Respekt (First Women’s Football League of FB&H) and FK Respekt (League of the Football Association of Sarajevo Canton), as well as a football school.

“We have existed since 2014 and we are a unique example of extracurricular inclusion, i.e., we use football as a tool for the growth and development of children. What makes us unique in Europe and beyond is that all children are at the same training, regardless of gender, physical abilities, social background and the like. We give every child the opportunity to play, to play sports and everyone has the same starting position”, says the founder of Respekt Emir Hujdur and continues:

“We have been awarded for our work before. We received a Certificate of Excellence from the United States Embassy, ​​then the “Champions of Inclusion” award from UNICEF B&H and the Delegation of the European Union to B&H, and the winners of the UEFA Children Award. We should not forget the Bosnian-Herzegovinian awards - the Letter of Thanks for outstanding sports results and contribution to inclusion from the Municipality of Novi grad, and awards from sports federations. This new award from UEFA is also an additional motive and an additional wind in our backs. We are one mission lived by all members of Respekt.”

In addition, Respekt launched its own Respekt TV channel, as well as the Respekt library. They point out that football is a good tool that connects, but that education is a priority in Respekt.

Respekt is an organization that consists of non-discrimination, social inclusion, empathy, but also the engagement of male and female players of senior teams in the work of the football school. Educated, licensed and experienced coaches work with children and youth.

TEAM P W D L F A +/- Pt
bihBiH 5 3 2 0 7 4 3 11
montenegroMontenegro 5 2 1 2 6 4 2 7
5 1 2 2 6 6 0 5
rumunijaRomania 5 1 1 3 2 7 -5 4


UEFA Nations League (League B - Group 3)

  Team P W D L Pnt
1 NK ŠIROKI BRIJEG 10 5 4 1 19
2 FK ŽELJEZNIČAR 11 5 4 2 19
3 FK BORAC 11 5 2 4 17
4 FK TUZLA CITY 10 5 1 4 16
5 FK SARAJEVO 11 4 4 3 16
6 HŠK ZRINJSKI 8 5 0 3 15
7 FK SLOGA DOBOJ 11 4 2 5 14
8 FK VELEŽ 10 2 6 2 12
9 FK SLOBODA TUZLA 11 2 6 3 12
10 FK IGMAN 11 3 3 5 12
11 HŠK POSUŠJE 11 3 2 6 11
12 FK LEOTAR 11 2 2 7 8

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