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Instructive presentations at the seminar on pyrotechnics

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A two-day seminar on pyrotechnics at stadiums, organized by UEFA and FF BH at the Hills Hotel in Ilidža, has been completed today.

On the second day of the seminar, the types of pyrotechnic devices, their chemical composition, and the toxins they contain were discussed.

They also held lectures on strategies of disrupting the illicit production and distribution of pyrotechnics, as well as how these devices are used outside and inside the stadium, as well as how they are used to cause disorder, fire or forms of protest.

Acting executive director of the FF BH Sector for Administration, Nihad Hodžić, says on the seminar:

"Pyrotechnics is just one of the problems that arise when public gatherings are held and something that is at the centre of attention in Europe, but also with us. In a sense, we do not have that kind of hooligan outburst that happens in neighbouring countries, but we have an expressed phenomenon of the use of pyrotechnics. On this two-day seminar, we learned from the UEFA experts many practical things and this knowledge will be transferred into appropriate instructions to the match delegates, the players, as well as fire departments and stewards, etc.”

Hodžić stresses that a state-level strategy is needed to address this issue:

“Some of the conclusions we have come to, are that we need to do even more in Bosnia, both the Federation and the clubs, in order to prevent this problem. However, in order to minimize this phenomenon, a clear national strategy on the whole BH territory, in terms of zero tolerance, is necessary. For this strategy, it is necessary for the state, entity and cantonal executive bodies to be included, and to review the existing legal provisions dealing with this issue - the Law on Public Gatherings, the Law on the Prevention of Disorder, the Law on Public Order and Peace, and that in this meaning give a support to the police, the prosecution and the judiciary, so that all structures can do their job properly. Of course, we, on behalf of the FF BH, as well as clubs, we will make additional efforts to solve these problems.”

The President of the UEFA Committee for Stadiums and Security, Michael Van Praag, said that this was a difficult problem, but that we had to change the situation, and that the European House of Football would be available to further solve the problem of using pyrotechnics in the stadiums.

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