Press Release

Press Release

Response of the UEFA Club Licensing Department regarding a request of FK “Borac”

As previously announced, at a session of the FF BH Executive Board, held on 19.06.2018, it was concluded, due to the request of FK “Borac” Banja Luka for an extraordinary review of the Decision of the FF BH Clubs Licensing Second Instance Commission of 29 05.2018, to request an urgent opinion from the competent UEFA body.

In accordance with this conclusion, a relevant opinion was requested from the UEFA Club Licensing Department on 20.06.2018.

In a letter sent to the FF BH from the UEFA Club Licensing Department on 21.06.2018, it is stated that the club licensing commissions were independent in making decisions and that their decisions were final and binding, and that the FF BH Executive Board was not responsible for making any decisions in the club licensing process.

Accordingly, and taking into account the calendar of competitions in the BHT Premier League of BH for the 2018/2019 season, a draw of the competition numbers for the clubs for the new championship will be carried out at the “Terme” Hotel in Ilidža on Wednesday, 27th June this year at 12:00 h, in accordance with previously made decisions and with clubs to which the authorised clubs licensing commissions granted the necessary licenses.

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