The BH junior futsal team defeated by Slovenia

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The BH junior futsal team defeated by Slovenia

The U-19 futsal team of Bosnia and Herzegovina was defeated yesterday by Slovenia with 2:6 in a friendly match in Vitez.

Goals for the BH team were scored by Alem Smajlović and Tarik Džemić, while Tilen Gajser and Patrick Osredkar scored twice, and Marko Bjelčević and Tod Ciuha scored one each.

This was the second friendly match of these selected teams, and the first one that was played on Monday, ended with a tie result of 1:1.

The head coach Ivo Krezo summed up this team’s action:

“If we exclude the exhibition match with the selected team of the AF BH, these are the first matches of this team. We are pleased with this gathering where we did three training sessions and had two matches. We played very well the first match and created a lot of opportunities. In another one, tiredness has already been felt, because the guys were not accustomed to this rhythm. It is certain that we have 5-6 high quality players and there is a long process ahead of us in creating this team, but I am an optimist.”

Bosnia and Herzegovina - Slovenia 2:6 (1:3)

City Sports Hall Vitez

Referees: Alem Bajrović, Farik Kečo, Mirza Zubić

Goals: 0:1 Gajser (4th minute), 0:2 Ciuha (6th minute), 0:3 Gajser (17th minute), 1:3 Smajlović (18th minute), 1:4 Bjelčević (22nd minute), 2:4 Džemić (28th minute), 2:5 Osredkar (30th minute), 2:6 Osredkar (30th minute)

Bosnia and Herzegovina: Ivan Ćorić, Amer Džindić, Nikola Vrdoljak, Alem Smajlović, Antonio Božić, Zvonimir Grubišić, Muamer Solo, Slobodan Manojlović, Tarik Džemić, Sead Kapetanović, Safet Ibrahimović, Dejan Trifković, Jasmin Mušinović. Head Coach: Ivo Krezo

Slovenia: Jure Vetrih, Matej Ahčin, Marko Mohorič, Vid Kos, Patrick Osredkar, Timotej Debeljak, Marko Bjelčević, Matic Goznik, Tilen Gajser, Max Vesel, Marko Vidmar, Maks Rotar, Tod Ciuha, Matjaž Tigeli. Head Coach: Andrej Dobovičnik