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We want constant progress

Behind the U-15 national team of Bosnia and Herzegovina is one tournament in Croatia, and two friendly matches with Serbia in which our team showed notable games.

The pioneer national team was led for the first time by the new head coach Igor Janković, who at the beginning of the conversation referred to the duel with the pioneers of Serbia:

“Against a quality national team, which always makes top results with youth ages, we had a real test that showed us what level we are at. We can be happy with what the boys showed in the duel with Serbia. We opened today’s match well, we had the game we wanted, but after one severe fault we conceded a goal. However, their heart, motive and attitude towards the national team jersey were presented in the right light today and we deservedly equalized. We are also happy that we have not been defeated in the last 4 matches, and the game was at a high level.”

Janković says about his new job in his coaching career:

“First impressions as the head coach of the U-15 national team are positive. After three years of working in the “A” team, this is basically nothing new to me. Only now I am in a different role, but I am used to working in the national team. I am happy to have the opportunity to work with this age, because Bosnia and Herzegovina is a nursery of talents. There are a lot of areas in our country where it is worked well and it is up to us to choose the best for the national team.”

This young expert also talks about ideas and plans for the future:

“First of all, we must pay attention to the younger ages, in order to have a real insight into their qualities before they reach the U-15 national team. We will focus on that in the future, in order to take another step forward for youth football in B&H. A mitigating circumstance is the support we have from the FF BH, which did everything for us to play a lot of quality matches in a short period of time. As a head coach, I have only words of praise for that and I am sure that in the future we will be even better and more organized”, says Janković and continues:

“Elite camps for youth players will help us a lot in pre-selecting players for the U-15 national team. It is important to us that these boys, who come to the U-15, already pass some filter and that we have the team skeleton as soon as possible. I am sure that we will pay even more attention to that, because that is the future of the BH football. Our goal is for as many boys from this area as possible to go through our youth national teams and eventually reach the “A” team.”

Igor Janković believes that there are potential national team players in the diaspora as well:

“It is certain that players who play abroad can bring us additional quality. We are in contact with our people who work in the diaspora and we have several players on the radar, who should definitely get an invitation to our national team. Of course, at this moment, the problem is the coronavirus and it is difficult to have them together now. I hope that, in the future, there will be space to test those players and make an even better team.”

Janković appreciates our youth competitions:

“I worked in youth football for a long time, and in the last year I have been the director of the youth school of FK Borac. In this regard, I had the opportunity to follow our youth competitions and there is quality there. We still have a lot of work to do on infrastructure to enable these children to work in better conditions.”

Next week, the BH pioneers will play two matches with their peers from Montenegro:

“We are not burdened by the results, but we like successes even though this age only plays friendly matches. We want these boys to progress as much as possible in the coming period and adopt a more serious level of work in the national team. We want to make one step forward after every new training session and every new match, whether it is small or big, but it must be constant. In that light, the next ones against Montenegro will serve us well. These will be new checks with a tailor-made opponent and I believe that we will continue to develop”, concludes Igor Janković at the end of the conversation.

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