Cup quarterfinals draw

Draw with Northern Macedonia

The U-17 women’s team of Bosnia and Herzegovina played tie with their peers from Northern Macedonia 2:2 in a friendly match in Zenica today.

The guests came to the advantage in the 6th minute. Teodora Nikolovska used a misunderstanding of the BH defending players and scored a goal from five meters.

The BH team could score a tying goal only two minutes later, but Elvira Hasanović sent the ball by head besides the goal from seven meters, after the centre-shot of Naida Haračić.

Haračić threw in from the corner in the 9th minute, after which the attempts of Maja Jelčić and Ana Marija Milinković were blocked by the players of Northern Macedonia.

Jelčić once again threatened in the 20th minute, after the corner kicked by Haračić, but the ball past the goal.

The team of Bosnia and Herzegovina tied the result in the 34th minute. Almasa Pandžić centred from a free kick, and Ana Marija Milinković hit the opponents’ net. Milinković, also in the first match of these teams two days ago, in the victory of the BH team of 3:1, was a threefold scorer.

Jelčić shot from the edge of the penalty area in the 38th minute, but the ball went beside the goal.

Haračić tried asquint from the left side in the 53rd minute, but hit the outside of the net.

Milinković greatly assisted Maja Jelčić in the 64th minute, who sent the ball above the goal from 15 meters.

A minute later, Melisa Sipović passed by the Macedonian goalkeeper, but her kick was thrown into the corner by the opponent players.

Jelčić hit the crossbar from a distance of 10 meters in the 67th minute, and the ball bounced to Elvira Hasanović who scored the second goal for the BH team.

Northern Macedonia remained with ten players on the field in the 75th minute, as Olivera Cokleska received a second yellow card due to pulling the jersey.

Jelčić sent the ball above the crossbar from 16 meter in the 78th minute, and a minute later, her asquint shot from the left was thrown into the corner by the Macedonian goalkeeper Verica Kolevska.

Maja Jelčić, the captain of the BH team, was not lucky when she managed to hit the crossbar from a favourable position.

In the 89th minute, Naida Haračić sent the ball from distance above the goal.

Northern Macedonia tied the score in the second minute of additional tine. Kristina Mojsovska was precise from a free kick with over 30 meters for the final 2:2.

After the match, the head coach of BH team, Ilija Lucić, stated:

“We cannot be happy with the result. We had a player more in the field and we received a goal in the additional time. We tried to correct some errors from the first match, but it seems that we did not succeed in that. For the next gathering, we will have to find three players more, in order to strengthen the competition in the team.”

Bosnia and Herzegovina - Norther Macedonia 2:2 (1:1)

FF BH Training Centre, Zenica

Referee: Marko Taborin (Bijeljina)

Assistant Referees: Haris Avdić (Sarajevo), Marijan Ćosić (Široki Brijeg)

Goals: 0:1 Nikolovska (6th minute), 1:1 Milinković (34th minute), 2:1 Hasanović (67th minute), 2:2 Mojsovska (90th+2 minute)

Yellow card: Cokleska (Macedonia)

Red Card: Cokleska (Macedonia)

Bosnia and Herzegovina: Josipa Radoš, Melisa Sipović, Đuka Stojanović, Ana Marija Milinković, Maja Jelčić, Radmila Ždero, Jovana Stevanović, Almasa Pandžić, Amra Omeragić, Elvira Hasanović, Naida Haračić. Also played: Ajla Krivić, Irma Kurtagić, Elma Huremović, Ana Buhač, Ajna Golić. Head Coach: Ilija Lucić

Norther Macedonia: Verica Kolevska, Ikmet Limani, Anida Idrizi, Radica Velkova,Ana Milčevska, Sara Evtinđioska, Olivera Cokleska, Teodora Nikolovska, Viktorija Nedeva, Aleksandra Jovanovska, Bojana Petkova. Also played: Era Stebleva, Kristina Mojsovska, Edina Sulejmani, Mia Golovska, Elisa Hani, Dragana Tripčevska, Efimija Cuneva, Teodora Barton, Angela Zafirovska. Head Coach: Toše Nacev

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