FIFA ranking list

FIFA ranking list

Bosnia and Herzegovina ranked 35th

On the latest list of the best national teams that was published today, the “A” national team of Bosnia and Herzegovina is 35th with 1472 points, which is one position worse than last month.

The list is led by a national team of Belgium ahead of France, Brazil, Croatia and England.

From the opponents of BH in the qualifications for the EURO 2020, Italian national team was best ranked, which is 18th with 1539 points. Greece is in the 45th position with 1428, Finland 59th with 1375, Armenia 101st with 1222, while Liechtenstein is 181st with 937 points.

Rankin list:

1. Belgium 1727
2. France 1726
3. Brazil 1676
4. Croatia 1634
5. England 1631
6. Portugal 1614
7. Uruguay 1609
8. Switzerland 1599
9. Spain 1591
10. Denmark 1589

34. Bosnia and Herzegovina 1472