Victory of female seniors

Prosinecki and Marinović published player lists

The press conference at which the head coaches of the “A” national team, Robert Prosinečki, and of the U-21 team, Vinko Marinović, announced the names of players for upcoming matches was held at the FF BH premises in Sarajevo today.

The senior team will face Finland and Greece in the 2020 EURO qualifications, while the young team will play with Germany in the 2021 EURO U-21 qualifications in Zenica.



Prosinečki said about the List:

“We have invited 25 candidates, because some have injury problems. We have 14 days to start preparations and we will see in what condition will arrive each of them. I hope we will play good matches and make good results. We have a short preparation period. We’ll talk to the players; we’ve already talked to some of them. We are not eligible for the failures, because only with victories we remain in the game for the Euro.”

The head coach also referred to matches with Liechtenstein and Armenia:

“We were not at the right level in the previous matches. Liechtenstein was beaten, but it wasn’t the game it was supposed to be. We were especially below our level against Armenia. No one forgot to play football, and I believe we have the strength to make a good result. The atmosphere is important, but we did not give our utmost as announced. When we all run and fight, then it is very difficult to win this team, and it was evident in the match against Italy.”

Vinko Marinović je stated:

“There are no major changes comparing to the match with Belgium. Maksimović will be absent, because of injury. Others are healthy and I hope they will remain so until the match with Germany. Some players are standard in clubs, but some are not, which causes us some problems. We are expecting a match with a national team of great quality. They are among the best teams of this age in Europe. They achieved two wins in these qualifications and showed how good they were, so they are favourites in the group.”

Marinović added:

“Ahead of Belgium, which is also of good quality, we believed we could make a good result. We wanted to see where we were in relation to the big teams. We had a good set up and played a good game. And now we can promise to give our best and with such commitment we will see if we can make a positive result.”

The “A” national team gathers at the FF BH Training Centre in Zenica on 7th October, and the U-21 team at the Hercegovina Hotel in Ilidža a day later.

Italija 04. september 2020
UEFA Nations League
Stadium “Artemio Franchi”, Firenze
Bosna i Hercegovina
Bosna i Hercegovina 07. september 2020
UEFA Nations League
Stadium “Bilino polje”, Zenica

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