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Second-leg matches of the Cup quarterfinals

The quarterfinal second-leg matches of the Cup of Bosnia and Herzegovina are scheduled for tomorrow (12.03.2019).

The TOŠK vs. Zvijezda Gradačac and Klis vs. OFK Sloga matches start at 15:00 h, and Zrinjski-Sarajevo at 16:00 h. The players of Borac and Široki Brijeg will run out to the pitch last, and their match starts at 18:00 h.

TOŠK – Zvijezda Gradačac

TOŠK will host Zvijezda in Tešanj with an advantage of 2:0 from the first-leg match.

The home team head coach, Ajdin Mrguda, expects his team to repeat a good game from Gradačac:

“We achieved a good result in the first match. I hope that we will play an equally high-quality match on our pitch and qualify to the semi-finals. We have a chance to make a historic success for TOŠK and we will do our best to take this opportunity.”

Mile Lazarević, the head coach of the visiting team, points out that his team does not surrender:

“It is clear that our opponent has a great advantage and that we expect a difficult task. We are preparing to play the best we can and we will do our best to repeat that backlog. Of course, it does not depend on us either, the opponent is also in question. There is nothing left for us to do, but to give our utmost, try to reach the desired result and pass into the semi-finals.”

Klis – Sloga

After 1:1 from Gornje Crnjelovo, Klis will host Sloga at the City Stadium in Konjic tomorrow.

The head coach of Klis, Adis Padalović, hopes that, with a support of fans, his team can succeed:

“We made a good result in the first-leg match, and now we may be waiting for even more difficult task. The result of 1:1 from the first match gives hope to the Sloga team, but also to us that we can pass into the semi-finals. The opponent is high-quality and dangerous. We are ready, motivated. It is certain that we will also have great support from the stands, which will be an additional wind in the back of my players to give their maximum.”

The head coach of Sloga, Dragan Mićić, appreciates tomorrow’s opponent:

“Klis showed in the first match that it has quality. We might have entered this match a little easily, but they presented themselves as a serious and organized team. We should not underestimate anyone, but I still think that we have a better team and we have to show it on the field. We are going to win, because we would make a historic success for our club with a qualification to the semi-finals.”

Zrinjski – Sarajevo

In Mostar, the match of two first-ranked teams in the table of the BH Telecom Premier League of Bosnia and Herzegovina is on the programme. Sarajevo has the advantage of 1:0 from the first-leg match.

The head coach of Zrinjski, Blaž Slišković, emphasizes that the upcoming match is very important for his team:

“Considering the fact that in the semi-finals there will be lesser quality opponents than Sarajevo, but also the fact that we have a big backlog in the championship, I would say that this is a match of this season for us. The result of the first match will make our job more difficult, because at the same time, we will have to score a goal to eliminate the backlog from Koševo, but also to be concentrated in our defence, because we are aware that the received goal brings us into an even more difficult situation. A lot of this is on the side of Sarajevo, the confidence of their team above all, but not the motive, because we are all aware what qualification to the semi-final could bring to us.”

His colleague on the Sarajevo bench, Husref Musemić, says that his team has high ambitions in our most massive competition:

“We have a result that is neither excessive good nor bad, leaving room for us to play quality. Surely, we have the ambition to go further, and whether we will succeed in achieving a good result, remains to be seen on Wednesday. There will probably be the changes. We do not have injured players, they are all healthy. Two or three players complained about minor injuries, which will be settled until the match, i.e. they will be in competition for the match.”

Borac – Široki Brijeg

Borac and Široki Brijeg will meet in Banja Luka, and the guests have the advantage of 2:1 from the first-leg match.

Darko Vojvodić, the head coach of Borac, believes that the Banja Luka team can reach the semi-finals:

“We have an active result from the first match. Široki Brijeg has a very high-quality team. We respect them in every possible way, but we are not afraid of them. I think that our chances of passing are equal. We will do our best to make a success.”

The assistant coach in NK Široki Brijeg, Aleksandar Vlaho, sees a chance in the Cup for his team to get to the trophy:

“Respect for the Borac team, which was presented in good light at “Pecara”. They had the idea to defend themselves and threaten us from the counter attacks. I think that we are better at this moment and we are going to Banja Luka for a positive result. We have ambitions to qualify for the Europa League qualifications, and we are in the game for this goal both in the championship and the Cup, and this is also the only chance for us to reach the trophy this season.”

  Team P W D L Pnt
1 FK SARAJEVO 22 13 6 3 45
2 FK ŽELJEZNIČAR 22 12 6 4 42
3 HŠK ZRINJSKI 22 11 5 6 38
4 FK BORAC 22 10 6 6 36
5 FK TUZLA CITY 22 10 5 7 35
6 FK RADNIK 22 10 4 8 34
7 NK ŠIROKI BRIJEG 22 8 8 6 32
8 FK VELEŽ 22 9 5 8 32
9 FK SLOBODA TUZLA 22 4 9 9 21
11 NK ČELIK (-3) 22 5 5 12 17
12 FK ZVIJEZDA-09 22 1 5 16 8
Host Score Guest

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