Victory of female seniors

A draw of the U-18 teams of BH and Slovakia

The U-18 team of Bosnia and Herzegovina played tie 1:1 today in Zenica in a second friendly match with the appropriate team of Slovakia.

The first chance of the match had the BH junior team in the 15th minute. Ammar Đuderija made a good run in from the left and shot asquint from 10 meters, but the goalkeeper Branislav Chudik managed to bounce the ball to the five-meter area, where the Slovak defenders intervened in front of Lejs Pličanić.

Andrija Drljo fought well for space for the shot in the 29th minute, but his attempt from the edge of the penalty area was defended by Chudik.

The chosen ones of Slaven Musa took the lead in the 40th minute. Nikša Šilić entered the Slovak penalty area and sent the ball from 12 meters to the top right corner of the Chudik goal for 1:0.

The Slovaks threatened for the first time in the 44th minute. Arian Mojžiš centred from a free kick from the left side, and Matuš Capko shot by head and hit the crossbar.

In the 5th minute, Drljo passed well on the right side and sent back the ball to Faruk Duraković whose shot from about 15 meters was blocked by the Slovak defenders.

The visitors tied the game in the 66th minute, and Roman Cherepkai scored from the penalty kick.

Duraković had the next opportunity in the 88th minute, when he sent the ball from the edge of the penalty area beside the goal.

At the end of the match, the head coach Slaven Musa stated:

“Unlike the first match, we scored today and had more chances than our opponents, but again the realization failed. In general, I think we got a lot with these two matches. This is the entry generation of juniors, some of whom are playing for senior ages as well. We missed a few players, because of injuries and because it was not the UEFA date, so the clubs did not release them. In the end, we can be satisfied with what we saw against one good team.”

In the first match played two days ago, the Slovaks won 1:0.

Bosnia and Herzegovina - Slovakia 1:1 (1:0)

FF BH Training Centre, Zenica

Referee: Marko Domazet (Istočno Sarajevo)

Assistant Referees: Haris Avdić, Edis Trklja (Sarajevo)

4th Official: Nikola Tešanović (Istočno Sarajevo)

Goals: 1:0 Šilić (40th minute), 1:1 Čerepkai (66th minute, penalty kick)

Yellow cards: Mojžiš, Capko, Hornyak (Slovakia)

Bosnia and Herzegovina: Faris Krkalić, Din Cviko, Marko Kuzmanović, Amar Kvakić, Andrija Drljo, Silvio Ilinković, Ammar Đuderija, Nikša Šilić, Ajdin Jusupović, Lejs Pličanić, Ermin Ajanović. Also played: Faruk Duraković, Amel Muratović, David Čavić, Benjamin Redžić, Marko Kujundžić, Aid Tabaković, Almir Bajramović. Head Coach: Slaven Musa

Slovakia: Branislav Chudik, Patrik Leitner, Matuš Capko, Csaba Biricz, Tomaš Kubik, Adrian Mojžiš, Jakub Stefančin, Simeon Kohut, Stanislav Olejnik, Patrik Redeky, Adam Tučny. Also played: Dominik Javorček, Roman Čerepkai, Adrian Kapralik, Gabriel Hornyak. Head Coach: Stanislav Macek

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