Victory of female seniors

BH cadets better than Azerbaijan in the first match

In the FF BH Training Centre in Zenica today, the first of two scheduled friendly matches between the U-17 teams of B&H and Azerbaijan was played.

The cadet team of Bosnia and Herzegovina achieved a victory of 3:0.

The first chance had a BH team in the 3rd minute through Marko Soldo, but his shot asquint from the left was defended by Amin Bayramov. A similar outcome had the attempt of Džanan Mehičević in the 17th minute.

The cadet team players of Bosnia and Herzegovina reached the advantage in the 28th minute. After the corner kick from the right, Muharem Trako was highest in the jump and sent the ball by head into the net.

In the 31st minute, Dino Nuhanović could double the lead, but hit the goalpost.

In the second half, the first chance was seen in the 72nd minute. Nuhanović went through the left side and sent the ball to Ivan Grgić who passed besides the opponent’s defenders, but he did not get ball the best, so 1:0 remained.

The second goal was scored by Dino Nuhanović in the 79th minute. After the corner kick on the right, Trako, at the first goalpost, transferred the ball by head to Nuhanović, who scored an attractive goal “by scissor”.

Zn the 88th minute, Ivan Grgić hit the net of Bayramov with a low shot for the final 3:0 from a distance of around ten meters.

At the end of the match, the coach in the BH U-17 team, Damjan Ratković, stated:

“Good performance of our players. In the first half, besides one goal scored, we had 4 more situations that we needed to use. We are pleased, but there is room for improvement. This team is still in the process of creating and I hope that the second match will also serve us in preparing the team for what is most important, and that is the qualifying tournament ahead of us in Finland in September.”

The second match of these teams is on 15th June at 10:00 h at the Zenica Training Camp.

Bosnia and Herzegovina - Azerbaijan 3:0 (1:0)

FF BH Training Centre, Zenica

Referee: Ajdin Baručija

Assistant Referees: Emir Delić, Mirza Doglod

Goals: 1:0 Trako (28th minute), Nuhanović (79th minute), 3:0 Grgić (88th minute)

Bosnia and Herzegovina: Luka Damjanović, Amar Musić, Ensar Fejzić, Luka Božičković, Muharem Trako, Mustafa Šukilović, Irman Sejmenović, Dejan Popara, Džanan Mehičević, Marko Soldo, Dino Nuhanović. Also played: Petar Šetka, Ivan Grgić, Admir Bristrić, Filip Račić, Dario Ćorić, Luka Brandić, Ajdin Zulić, Alija Požegić, Tomislav Krstanović. Head Coach: Adin Mulaosmanović

Azerbaijan: Amin Bayramov, Nikita Pesotski, Mirali Ahmədov, Raqib Abisov, Calal Huseynov, Elnur Mirzayev, Mehrac Baxsaliyev, Rauf Rustamli, Mirmohsum Caniyev, Vusal Qambarov, Vusal Aliyev. Also played: Musa Musazada, Kamal Kazimov, Abil Abilov, Nurali Nuraliyev, Nihad Cafarov, Fidayi Azizli, Ulvi Madatov, Rasad Hasanov. Head Coach: Vugar Mammad

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