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Today at the Grbavica Stadium in Sarajevo, the U-15 team of Bosnia and Herzegovina won Macedonia with 4: 1 after better performance of the penalty kicks in the finals of the “Josip Katalinski-Škija” tournament.

Both teams created several good chances in this match, but in the regular 80 minutes of the match, there were no goals.

Macedonians threatened in the 16th minute, when Matej Gjorgijev made free kick from the right side and Blend Zekjiri sent a ball by head beside the goal from a five-meter area.

Alem Domazet passed on the right side in the 25th minute, then threw the ball into the penalty area toward Srđan Beuk, who was not precise by his head from seven meters.

Dominik Čeko tried with free-kick from about 25 meters away in the 30th minute, but the ball went above the goal.

The Macedonia’s striker, Mihail Talevski, undisturbedly shot from the edge of the penalty area in the 32nd minute, but he was not precise either.

The last chance in the first half had the BH team in the 34th minute. Murat Demirović dropped the ball into the penalty area from the middle of the field, and it was bounced to Jahija Bajrić, whose shot passed just next to the left post of the Macedonian goal.

Aldin Mešić passed two Macedonian players in the 48th minute and shot from about 17 meters in the lower right corner of the opponent’s goal, but the goalkeeper Vasko Vasiljev defended his attempt.

Mešić tried twice from distance to endanger the opponent’s goal, but he was not precise.

Alem Japaur missed a good chance in the 80th minute, when he entered the penalty area of Macedonia and shot from the right side, but Stefan Tasev was at the height of the task prevented the ball to end in the net.

That was the last chance at the match and it was approached to the penalty kicks, when Anes Krdžalić, Dominik Čeko, Aldin Mešić and Murat Demirović scored for BH. Enis Bukji was the only one in the Macedonian team, who was precise from the white spot.

At the end of the match, the head coach of the BH pioneers, Zoran Erbez, stated:

“We are happy to have won a tournament that means a lot to us, because it is played in honour of the great football player from this area, Josip Katalinsky. Today’s match has shown that we have a good generation of players that we can rely on in the future. We will work on this and expand the base. Quality of individuals exists, but it needs to be upgraded. We have talent and we all have to believe in our work, both players and coaches, because there is no progress without work. I congratulate these guys and my technical staff on the trophy.”

In the third-place match, the selected team of Sarajevo and East Sarajevo won the team of the City of Belgrade with 2:1. Both goals for the winning team were scored by Nermin Bijelonja in the 24th and 55th minute, while the only goal for Belgradians was scored by Boris Matić in the 80th minute.

Aldin Mešić from BH was named the best player of the tournament, while Stefan Tasev from Macedonia was the best goalkeeper. The best scorer of the tournament is Nermin Bijelonja from the selected team of Sarajevo and East Sarajevo with two goals scored.

The awards for the teams and the best individuals were handed over by the former players of Željezničar, Duško Jovanović and Rade Matić, the former football player of Sarajevo and the BH head coach, Fuad Muzurović, the wife of the deceased Škija, Jasna Katalinski, the FF BH general secretary, Adnan Džemidžić, and the president of the FA Sarajevo Canton, Galib Kulovac.

Final match: Bosnia and Herzegovina - Macedonia 0:0 – penalty kicks 4:1

Stadium: “Grbavica”, Sarajevo

Referee: Haris Kaljanac

Assistant Referees: Dženan Milić, Amir Kadić

4th Official: Admir Musić

Penalty kicks: 1:0 Krdžalić, 2:0 Čeko, 3:0 Mešić, 3:1 Bukji, 4:1 Demirović

Yellow card: Redžić (BH)

Bosnia and Herzegovina: Kenan Crnogorčević (41st minute, Sergej Bjelica), Murat Demirović, Dominik Čeko, Armin Durić (41st minute, Irfan Ramić), Hamza Hadžiavdić (41st minute, Armin Karišik), Jahija Bajrić (77th minute, Riad Mašala), Aleksandar Kahvić (41st minute, Hamza Redžić), Viktor Grbić (77th minute, Din Gosto), Aleksa Medan (41st minute, Anes Krdžalić), Alem Domazet (41st minute, Aldin Mešić), Srđan Beuk (41st minute, Alem Japaur). Head Coach: Zoran Erbez

Macedonia: Vasko Vasilev (77th minute, Stefan Tasev), Blend Zekjiri, Enis Bukji, Viktor Bonevski (62nd minute, Matej Jordanovski), Matej Gjorgijev (53rd minute, Mirče Stoilov), Mihail Talevski (77th minute, Filip Popovski), Hamza Memetriza (38th minute, Marko Trenevski, 77th minute, Mario Ričkov), Marko Ristov (62nd minute, Ivan Gligorov), Matej Angelov (41st minute, Idriz Osmanović), Mario Kocevski (53rd minute, Mario Mastev), Džezair Abduli (77th minute, David Mitrevski). Head Coach: Nedžat Šabani

Third-place match: Team of Belgrade – Team of Sarajevo and East Sarajevo 1:2 (0:1)

Stadium: “Grbavica”, Sarajevo

Referee: Slađan Došlo

Assistant Referees: Nemanja Vujadin, Davor Vukašinović

4th Official: Jovo Karić

Goals: 1:0 Bijelonja (24th minute), 2:0 Bijelonja (55th minute), 2:1 Matić (80th minute)

Yellow card: Kobašević, Drina (Sarajevo and East Sarajevo)

Belgrade: Branko Nikolić (56th minute, Nikola Čukaranović), Dušan Čorović, Bratislav Marić (41st minute, Aleksa Ćelić), Ognjen Stojković, Andrija Mitrović (56th minute, Boris Matić), Dimitrije Tabaković (56th minute, Marko Obradović), Veljko Radovanović (50th minute, Pavle Ognjenović), Veljko Ilić, Luka Nenadović, Petar Mićić, Lazar Miladinović. Head Coach: Željko Kalajdžić

Sarajevo i Istočno Sarajevo: Ajdin Brkić (53rd minute, Kerim Muharemović), Emir Brković (53rd minute, Alem Otajagić), Mihael Ivanković, Benjamin Durić, Ajdin Kobašević, Haris Ališah (53rd minute, Anel Tabak), Ajdin Drina (65th minute, Strahinja Dragović), Nermin Bijelonja (62nd minute, Vasilije Gojković), Mustafa Numanović (65th minute, Andrej Matović), Janko Nikolić (62nd minute, Milan Skakavac), Din Čerimović (53rd minute, Hamza Jaganjac). Head Coach: Edim Hadžialagić

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