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BH U-15 national team players defeated by their peers from Slovenia

In the second friendly match between the U-15 national teams of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Slovenia, played today in the BH FF Training Centre in Zenica, the visitors won with a score of 1:3.

The first attempt of the match was made by Vukašin Gostimirović in the 2nd minute, but he sent the ball next to the goal from the edge of the penalty area. The Slovenians responded in the 11th minute when Žiga Šinigoj shot over the goal from the five-meter area. Žiga Krajnc also made a good attempt from twenty meters in the 13th minute, and the BH goalkeeper, Tarik Banjić, kicked the ball into the corner.

The visitors took the lead in the 28th minute. Jaša Mihajlović made an excellent cross from a free kick from the right, and Arman Durmiši headed the ball into the net.

The Slovenians doubled their lead in the 44th minute. Luka Vodušek managed best in the penalty area of the BH team and scored a goal from about 15 meters.

Already in the 46th minute, Čedomir Ćulum’s team scored a goal for 1:2. Gostimirović sent the ball through the middle for Said Nišić, who shot accurately from the edge of the penalty area.

In the 63rd minute, Jaka Premrl shot powerfully from over twenty meters and scored the third goal for the pioneer team of Slovenia.

The following performed for Bosnia and Herzegovina: Tarik Banjić, Din Karamehmedović (41st, Deni Nuhanović), Nikša Blagojević, Miloš Soprenić (60th, Ismet Mujkić), Kenan Vrban (76th, Ervin Slanjankić), Vukašin Gostimirović (76th, Dario Arifović), Amar Osmanović (41st, Arman Rebac), Jovan Ćulum, Stefan Višekruna (60th, Edib Dazdarević), Hasan Fatušić, Ajdin Raščić (41st, Said Nišić).

In the first match between B&H and Slovenia, which was played two days ago, the guests won with a 0:1 by a goal from the penalty spot in the last minute of the match.

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