France-Bosnia and Herzegovina 1:1

Bosnia and Herzegovina first finalist of the “Josip Katalinski-Škija” Tournament

Today, in the FF BH Training Centre in Zenica, the U-15 the national team of Bosnia and Herzegovina defeated the appropriate team of Northern Macedonia with 2:1 in the semi-finals of the “Josip Katalinski-Škija” Memorial Tournament.

The BH pioneers already gained the advantage in the 3rd minute. Sanin Mešić made a great pass on the left side and sent the ball to the second post where Andrej Mićić managed best, scoring a goal for 1:0.

After the corner-kick from the right side in the 16th minute, Amar Ibrišimović also had a good opportunity, but the goalkeeper of Northern Macedonia, David Iloski, intervened excellently.

Sergej Ignatkov shot well from a distance in the 21st minute, but the ball went over the goal.

In the 35th minute, the guests equalized the score. Stefan Mladenosvski bypassed goalkeeper Mladen Jurkas and shot, the BH defenders kicked the ball, but not in time, because it crossed the goal-line, so the match went to the break with a 1:1 draw.

In the 45th minute, Mićić shot from a free-kick from over 20 meters, and Ilioski was once again at the height of the task and threw the ball into the corner.

The BH team had a great opportunity in the 49th minute. Mićić sent the ball with his head to Faris Dževahirić, who went out alone to the opponent’s goal, tried to lobby the goalkeeper, but he was not precise.

Dževahirić fought well for a shot position in the 67th minute, but he hit the crossbar.

What he failed to do then, Faris Dževahirić succeeds a minute later, when after a cross by Filip Šakota from the right side, he passed the ball from the five-meter area into the net for the final 2:1.

Mahir Bešić also had a good attempt from distance in the additional time, but the ball went next to the goal.

In the second semi-final match in the Zenica Training Camp at 18:00 h, the teams of Sarajevo and East Sarajevo - the team of Belgrade - will be played.

Bosnia and Herzegovina - Northern Macedonia 2:1 (1:1)

FF BH Training Centre, Zenica

Referee: Ilija Orkić (Orašje)

Assistant Referees: Alesandar Kapur (Brčko), Luka Papac (Tomislavgrad)

Goals: 1:0 Mićić (3rd), 1:1 Mladenovski (35th), 2:1 Dževahirić (67th minute)

Yellow cards: Kadriovski (N. Macedonia)

Bosnia and Herzegovina: Mladen Jurkas, Džan Kiridžić (58th minute, Hassan Muharemović), Petar Đukanović (55th minute, David Radivojac), Amar Ibrišimović (58th minute, Nedim Nuhanović), Jusuf Terzić, Sergej Ignatkov (55th minute, Hassan Muharemović), Andrej Mićić (65th minute, Eman Redžić), Dušan Petrović (70th minute, Malik Kolić), Sanin Mešić (36th minute, Faris Dževahirić), Kosta Đudurović (19th minute, Afan Fočo, 58th minute, Mahir Bešić), Bakir Koso (55th minute, Vuk Ćorić). Head Coach: Igor Janković

Northern Macedonia: David Iloski, Hisar Ali, Okan Rakipi (65th minute, Zlatko Radeski), Miloš Spasovski, Daim Kadriovski (60th minute, Luka Atanasovski), Igli Hasani, Gorazd Ristovski, Marko Kiš (60th minute, Šerif Menderez), Aleksandar Grašeski (50th minute, Kamenčo Andonovski), Stefan Mladenovski, Berkaj Šaini. Head Coach: Dragan Načevski

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