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Cadets gathered at the Zenica Training Camp

The U-17 national team of Bosnia and Herzegovina, after the March gathering, again came to the preparations at the FF BH Training Centre in Zenica, at the invitation of the head coach Nermin Šabić.

“After a long period and everything that has happened lately, every gathering is good for us. We didn’t have many opportunities to meet the team, especially because this is a generation of younger cadets, where most of them don’t even have much space to play in their clubs. For that reason, this camp will come in handy and we will try to use it in the best way”, said Nermin Šabić.

The head coach also spoke about the work plan for the preparations:

“Taking into account the weather conditions at this time of year, but also the fact that the players had a break when they did not work in the way they were used to, we will have to adjust the intensity of training to these factors. In addition, the players will play one game between them during the preparations, while anthropological tests are planned for the last day.”

The national team player Mihael Ivanković is happy that after a long time he came to the national team gathering:

“We are glad that we are all together again and I am especially happy to have been invited to the national team. After the break, we also worked in the club, so I came to these preparations in good shape and I will do my best to prove myself in front of the technical staff, so that I would be part of this team in the future as well.”

Young Aldin Mešić also had a great wish to work in the national team:

“We all missed group training sessions. During the break, I worked individually, so in a way I didn’t even feel it, but group training is something completely different. We all couldn’t wait to start working in our clubs, and now we are in the national team. All this will mean a lot to us, to get back to the shape we were in as soon as possible.”

The cadets will train in Zenica until 4th July.

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