Female seniors drew with Hungary

The women’s “A” national team of Bosnia and Herzegovina played a draw 0:0 with the national team of Hungary in a friendly match in Telki today.

In the 12th minute, Bernadett Zagor had a good opportunity for the home team, when she managed well for the position for a diagonal shot from the right side of the BH team’s penalty area, but Envera Hasanbegović intervened and threw the ball into the corner.

The BH goalkeeper was up to the task also three minutes later after a shot by Petra Kocsan from the left.

Alma Krajnić had a good attempt from the edge of the penalty area in the 23rd minute, but she hit the post.

Diana Csanyi shot from the right side in the 26th minute, but this time the ball went next to the goal.

Two minutes later, Krajnić tried again from a distance, but was not accurate. Shortly afterwards, Dajana Spasojević also had a shot from the right side, which was defended by goalkeeper Fruzsina Schildkraut.

Spasojević once again had a chance in the 55th minute, when he sent the ball over the goal from 15 meters.

There was no chance until the 83rd minute, when the captain of Hungary, Fanni Vago, entered the penalty area of the BH team and shot near the goal.

Hungary - Bosnia and Herzegovina 0:0

Yellow card: Krajšumović (BH)

Hungary: Fruzsina Schildkraut, Evelin Mosdoczi, Lilla Turanyi (68th minute, Emoke Papai), Barbara Szeman-Toth (46th minute, Csilla Savanya), Anna Csiki, Evelin Fenyvesi, Diana Csanyi (46th minute, Luca Papp), Zoe Magyaricsm, Bernadett Zagor (81st minute, Virag Nagy), Petra Kocsan (64th minute, Laura Kovacs), Fanni Vago. Head Coach: Margaret Kratz

Bosnia and Herzegovina: Envera Hasanbegović (66th minute, Indira Faković), Nikolina Vujadin, Melisa Hasanbegović, Dajana Spasojević, Marija Ana Milinković (84th minute, Gloria Slišković), Selma Kapetanović, Minela Gačanica (46th minute, Sofija Krajšumović), Naida Haračić (56th minute, Maja Hrelja), Alma Kamerić, Alma Krajnić (66th minute, Maja jelčić), Elma Husić (46th minute, Fadila Mujkić). Head Coach: Samira Hurem

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