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She-Dragons better than Northern Macedonia

The women’s “A” national team of Bosnia and Herzegovina defeated the national team of Northern Macedonia with 1:0 today in a friendly match at the BH FF Training Centre Zenica.

The BH team entered the match offensively and, already in the 5th minute, Minela Gačanica shot excellently from the right side, and the goalkeeper of Northern Macedonia threw the ball into the corner. After a corner kick, Maja Hrelja sent the ball over the goal from the five-meter area.

Marija Ana Milinković unleashed a swerving effort from the left that the visitors' keeper did well to tip wide.

Marija Damjanović shot from the edge of the penalty area in the 10th minute, and this time the ball went next to the goal.

The BH team continued with attacks, but the She-Dragons had the next opportunity in the 23rd minute, when the penalty kick was awarded for the BH team. Ana Bojanić took the penalty kick, but hit the post.

Damjanović shot from about 15 meters in the 33rd minute, but Suarta defended again. By the end of the first half, the national team players of Bosnia and Herzegovina had several more attempts, but the result did not change.

The second period of the game started with an opportunity of the BH team, but Hrelja’s attempt with the header from the five-meter was stopped by the Macedonian goalkeeper. Milinković sent the ball over the goal from 16 meters in the 50th minute.

Gačanica missed a great opportunity in the 75th minute, when Suerta ran out in time and blocked a shot of the BH wing attacker.

The BH team came to victory in the 89th inute. Elma Husić passed to Ena Taslidža very well, who precisely shot diagonally from the left side for 1:0.

After the match, the head coach Samira Hurem said:

“This match had only one purpose, and that is to select players for the qualifications that await us in September. In this regard, we have fulfilled our goal and congratulations to the players on the victory. Several of them are seriously competing for the “A” team and I am glad about that. On the other hand, there are also players who are standard in the “A” team, and today they were not at the level they could be. That’s why, this is a good test for us to see how much our young players can do.”

The BH national team will play with Montenegro on 17th September as part of the qualifications for the World Cup, while on 21st September, they will play away with the national team of Malta.

Bosnia and Herzegovina - Northern Macedonia 1:0 (0:0)

BH FF Training Centre, Zenica

Referee: Tanja Račić

Assistant Referees: Jovanka Višekruna, Tamara Došen

4th Official: Nejra Halać

Goal: 1:0 Taslidža (89th minute)

Yellow card: Koprena (BH)

Bosnia and Herzegovina: Indira Faković, Alma Kamerić (46th minute, Ajla Zukić), Šejla Selimović, Maja Hrelja, Ana Bojanić, Marija Ana Milinković (59th minute, Fadila Mujkić), Jelena Koprena (46th minute, Elma Husić), Sofija Krajšumović, Naida Haračić, Minela Gačanica (85th minute, Senada Muratović), Marija Damjanović (66th minute, Ena Taslidža). Head Coach: Samira Hurem

Northern Macedonia: Reči Suarta, Katerina Mileska, Pavlinka Nikolovska, Rabija Derviši, Yiza Maksuti (90th minute, Radica Čoneva), Aleksandra Markovska (72nd minute, Jana Čubrinoska), Afrodita Salihi (59th minute, Hava Mustafa), Julia Živić, Sindis Položani (46th minute, Ane Bošeska), Kristina Petruševska, Elena Petrovska (59th minute, Teodora Dimoska). Head Coach: Kiril Izov

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