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She-Dragons defeated by the Philippines

The women’s “A” national team of Bosnia and Herzegovina was defeated today in Terme Čatež (Slovenia) by the Philippines with the result 0:3, in the first of two scheduled friendly matches.

The BH team expects a qualifying match with Azerbaijan in September, in which Samira Hurem’s team will seek a place in the World Cup play-offs. On the other hand, the Philippines was stopped in the semi-finals by South Korea at the last Asian Championship this winter, and they have already achieved a place in the World Cup, which will be held in 2023 in Australia and New Zealand.

The match was better opened by the Filipinos and Tara Allison Shelton scored a goal in the 7th minute with a decisive shot from over 20 meters. After that, there weren’t too many chances in the first half. Milena Nikolić was inaccurate from the free kick at first, and the same player missed the best chance for the BH team in the 31st minute, when she sent the headed ball next to the goal from five-meter area. A minute later, Dajana Spasojević also tried from a free kick from twenty meters, but the goalkeeper of the Philippines intervened well. Katrina Jacqueline Guillou came out alone in front of the BH goal in the 33rd minute, but Envera Hasanbegović intervened well and threw the ball into the corner. In the 39th minute ,Sarina Isabel Bolden unobstructed shot from ten meters and scored the second goal for the Philippines.

For most of the second half, the She-Dragons had the field initiative, but they did not use their opportunities. Marija Ana Milinković, Ena Taslidža and Đula Velagić had good attempts, but the result did not change. The Filipinos used their opportunity in the 81st minute and Bolden, with a powerful shot from the edge of the penalty area, scored for the final 0:3. By the end of the match, Spasojević was close to scoring in the 89th minute, but she hit the crossbar.

They played for Bosnia and Herzegovina: Envera Hasanbegović (46th, Almina Hodžić), Gloria Slišković, Marija Ana Milinković (71st, Đula Velagić), Dajana Spasojević, Marija Aleksić, Milena Nikolić (86th, Minela Gačanica), Selma Kapetanović, Mejrema Medić (46th, Zerina Piskić), Sofija Krajšumović (63rd Jelena Koprena), Maja Jelčić (46th, Ena Taslidža), Ena Šabanagić.

The second match of these national teams will also be played in Terme Čatež on 26th June at 11:00 h.

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