Bosnia and Herzegovina-France 0:1

The BH women’s “A” national team played tie with Montenegro

The women's senior national team of Bosnia and Herzegovina played tie 0:0 with Montenegro in a friendly match at the FF BH Training Centre in Zenica.

In the first half, the field initiative had the BH national team, which created more opportunities, and the best one in the 45th minute was unused. Dajana Spasojević passed from the left side and threw the ball to Nikolina Vujadin who shot above the goal.

A similar game was seen in the second period of the match. Selma Kapetanović made a free kick from the right in the 75th minute, and Melisa Hasanbegović, the highest in a jump sent the ball besides the goal by a head kick from 7 meters.

Valentina Šakotić passed from the right and hit the crossbar in the 84th minute. Following this action, Selma Kapetanovic kicked above the goal from the edge of the penalty area.

Šakotić also tried from about 15 meters in the 90th minute, but the Montenegrin defence players blocked her shot. Selma Kapetanović, shot above the goal from about 10 meters and that was the last chance of the match.

The BH women’s national team head coach, Samira Hurem, stated after the match:

“Congratulations to the players of both teams. It was really difficult to play in the first half and it was felt on both teams. When the weather conditions improved, the game was better. I’m glad that we were a team that created more opportunities, especially after the substitutions we made, when the younger players entered. That was our goal, to combine youth and experience. We played a good match, and several new players showed that they had quality. It’s up to us to work on physical preparations and to get more ready for qualifying matches.”

Bosnia and Herzegovina - Montenegro 0:0

FF BH Training Centre, Zenica

Referee: Merima Čelik (Sarajevo)

Assistant Referees: Amira Spahić, Aida Jusufović (Sarajevo)

4th Official: Nejra Ališpago (Sarajevo)

Yellow cards: Medić, Aleksić (B&H), Ramčilović, Bulatović (Montenegro)

Bosnia and Herzegovina: Envera Hasanbegović, Valentina Šakotić, Nikolina Vujadin, Melisa Hasanbegović, Marija Aleksić, Dajana Spasojević, Aida Hadžić, Milena Nikolić, Mejrema Medić, Selma Kapetanović, Amela Kršo. Also played: Minela Gačanica, Sumeja Bektaš, Šejla Selimović, Sara Kreča, Nikolina Milović, Marija Damjanović. Head Coach: Samira Hurem

Montenegro: Ivana Čabarkapa, Aleksandra Popović, Tatjana Đurković, Dženita Ramčilović, Jasna Đoković, Nađa Stanović, Marija Vukčević, Helena Božić, Jadranka Pavičević, Darija Đukić, Milica Šebek. Also played: Slađana Bulatović, Armisa Kuč, Jelena Karličić, Maja Šaranović, Jelena Vujadinović, Ana Knežević, Maja Maraš. Head Coach: Mirko Marić

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