France-Bosnia and Herzegovina 1:1

Another win of female juniors

Today, the U-19 the national team of Bosnia and Herzegovina ,in a friendly match in the Čatež Terme, achieved a victory against Slovenia with the result 2:1.

The BH national team performed an excellent action in the 2nd minute, but the shot of Marija Ana Milinković from the edge of the penalty area was inaccurate.

Slovenia threatened in the 23rd minute from a free kick from twenty meters by Lara Korina Janež, but the ball went over the goal. In the 31st minute, from fifteen meters from a good position, Anja Eferl sent the ball next to the goal.

In the 38th minute, Naida Haračić tried to threaten the opponent’s goal directly from the left corner, but the Slovenian goalkeeper managed to repel the ball.

Elma Smajić had the last attempt in the first half in the additional time from a free kick, when she shot over the goal from over twenty meters.

In the 47th minute, Smajić made again the diagonal free kick from the right side, but Ines Husić and Maja Jelčić were late for her cross.

The team of Dragan Jevtić gained the advantage in the 58th minute. Slovenia’s defensive players made a mistake and the ball reached Lamija Duvnjak, who shot accurately from about 20 meters for 1:0.

The BH national team players scored the second goal in the 63rd minute. Young She-Dragons took a quick action during which Haračić sent the ball through the middle for Maja Jelčić, who was faster than the opponent’s players, came out alone in front of the goalkeeper Balažic and hit the net.

Naida Haračić had a good attempt from distance in the 76th minute, but the ball went over the goal.

In the 77th minute, Anja Eferl entered the penalty area of the BH team, shot accurately from the right side and reduced the advantage of the BH national team.

The BH national team had a great opportunity after a corner kick in the 82nd minute, but in the crowd in the Slovenian penalty area, the home players managed to defend themselves.

After the duel between goalkeeper Josipa Radoš and Nina Kajzba in the 87th minute, a penalty was awarded to Slovenia. That attacker of the home team also took a penalty kick, but she hit the post.

In the additional time, Nina Sofia McQuarrie had two chances for the home team, but Radoš was up to the task both times.

Duvnjak had the last chance in the 6th minute of the additional time, when she shot diagonally from the left side, and Balažic defended her attempt.

The BH national team played today’s match with: Josipa Radoš, Almasa Pandžić (41st minute, Lamija Duvnjak), Sajra Handžić, Naida Haračić, Elma Smajić, Marija Ana Milinković, Magdalena Brtan (46th minute, Ana Buhač), Azra Mašinović (90th minute, Amra Omeragić ), Maja Jelčić, Vanessa Šabanović, Ines Husić.

Two days ago, these teams played a match in which Bosnia and Herzegovina won 4:2.

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