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Today, in Trebinje, in the Sports Hall "Miloš Mrdić" in Bregovi, the promotion of the European Championship for female cadets under the slogan "United and Equal" was held. Although there is no active women's football club in Trebinje, as well as the fact that the school holidays are underway, this event was the most massive and attracted the attention of over 200 girls and boys.

The kids were eagerly waiting for their turn to be photographed with the trophy for the European champion and inquired about the matches and the possibility to attend the matches in the nearby cities of Široki Brijeg and Mostar.

Trebinje is the only city where the promotion of the championship will be held, without the host city. Also, the ambassador of the championship and the captain of the BH national team, Milena Nikolić, was born in Trebinje and made her first football steps in Trebinje in the former ŽFK "Leotar Tex".

Along with the representatives of the BH FF, the promotion was also attended by the Mayor of Trebinje, Mirko Ćurić, who stated on this occasion:

"It is a great honor for us to host you in Trebinje and to be a part of the promotion of the European Football Championship for female cadets. We can freely say that this is a football spectacle in our area, which all of us will watch. I  think it is important to get involved in the promotion of the championship and provide maximum support to the young football hopes of Europe, especially since this year one successful Milena Nikolić from Trebinje is the ambassador of the European Football Championship for female cadets.

Our young generations, and we see this in the example of Milena Nikolić and other young athletes, are responsible for the fact that Trebinje still carries the qualification of a city of sports, where many sports stars and successful athletes came from or have their roots. Because of all the successes of our athletes, all the professional and personal sacrifices of these people, but also all our joys because of their positive results, as a form of respect we feel the need to improve sports, build sports infrastructure and promote sports activities like this. We hope that Trebinje will have the opportunity to host such a competition in the foreseeable future."

The Mayor of Trebinje pointed out that he would do everything to help the City of Trebinje, in accordance with its capabilities, to all those who wish to attend the matches of the European Championship.

  The promotion of the championship will continue tomorrow, when a fan zone will be organized in front of the BBI Centre, starting at 17 h. A football tournament for younger ages will be organized in the Potoci settlement in Mostar on Monday, and a day later the "caravan" will move to Zenica.



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