Constructive discussions at a seminar for media officers and journalists

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Constructive discussions at a seminar for media officers and journalists

A seminar for media officers of the clubs of the BH Telecom of the Premier League of Bosnia and Herzegovina and journalists following the work of the FF BH was held in the “House of Football” in Sarajevo today.

The seminar was opened by Nihad Hodžić, acting executive director of the FF BH sector for administration, who pointed out that this was just one step towards improving cooperation with clubs and media representatives, and that the Federation would continue activities that would bring the segment to an even higher level.

The seminar covered the following topics: “Place and Role of the Communication / PR Department in the Reform of Administration, Media Procedures, Mode of Work and Cooperation with Clubs and Media”, “Activities of the Media Committee with a Focus on Media Conditions at the PL Stadiums”, “Communication Channels of the BHT Premier League Clubs”, “FK Željezničar – Practice and Mode of Work”, “Sports Sector / Premier League Regulations - Article 36 of the BH Telecom PL Propositions – Disadvantages and Application in Practice”, “Activities of the UEFA Media Committee”, and “Qualifications for the EURO From the Aspect of Media Activities and Organization”.

The president of the FF BH Media Committee, Zoran Vajkić, says on the seminar:

“Today’s meeting was very constructive. We had the opportunity to hear useful suggestions and initiatives from our side as the FF BH representatives, as well as from media officers and media representatives. I hope that we will implement all this in the near future, and that we will incorporate into the regulations, related to the competitions, the media obligation that we have spoken today.”

Similar impressions from the seminar has also Šejla Jamaković, a media officer of FK Sarajevo:

“We conducted useful discussions. I am sure that in practice we will implement everything we have agreed on today, and that this will lead to an improvement in the conditions for the work of the media in our stadiums. We cannot do anything alone and to make any changes, we need to work together, and our goal is to bring all segments of work concerning press services and the media to a higher level.”

A journalist of “Oslobođenje”, Jasmin Tajić, stated:

“This seminar is very useful for all of us who were present today. One of the main reasons for this is better communication between the FF BH and the media officers and representatives of the BH media. This was also a unique opportunity for us, journalists, to find out some things about the functioning of the Federation that we did not know until now, but also to ask everything what interests us.”

Conductive discussions were conducted, but the greatest attention of all participants in the seminar was attracted by topics related to improving the conditions of media work through the BHT Premier League’s Regulations, as well as those related to the monitoring of the BH national team matches.