Another win for first place in the group

I want to justify the trust

Elvir Koljić recorded his first appearances for the BH “A” national team last year in duels against the USA and Mexico.

However, this gathering is different, because it is about qualifying matches for the EURO and the currently best BH players are there.

“This is the pinnacle of my career”, says Koljić and continues, “The invitation of the head coach means a lot to me, and I take this opportunity to thank him for this trust. The tour in America was important for us, younger players, however, the excitement brought by competition matches cannot be compared to the friendly ones. I’m glad to be here and see what will happen in the future. It’s up to me to work and prove that I have not been invited by chance.”

How did the first training session look like?

“It’s really a good feeling when you’re training with top players like Džeko, surely with Pjanić who missed this training session, but also with other players. The motive and the desire to prove are greater, especially when I see that I am received well.”

Do you expect that in one of the upcoming matches, against Armenia or Greece, you will receive some playing minutes and score a goal eventually, considering that you are in a great goal-scorer form in Romania?

“It’s true, I play well at the club and score goals. I continued the series that I started in the BH Premier League. However, the head coach is the one who decides who will play, so I can only promise that, if I get a chance, I will try to use it in the best way. To score a goal would be a culmination of that.”

Can you tell us some differences between Romanian and our league and are you used to a new environment and a club?

“I have easily adapted to Romania, because there are many players from our areas in our team who helped me. The game is a bit faster and a better-quality football in relation to ours, the conditions and the pitches are better. If I compare the players, there are many good players both with us and in Romania. It is important that I was well accepted in the club, I came in the eighth round and immediately began to play. I scored a goal for my debut and I played better. The team is young and everything is great, especially because Craiova’s play is very good this year, we are second on the table and in the Cup semi-finals, the expectations are great and we will see what will be.”

In the end, Elvir Koljić pointed out that the national team’s matches were currently in the focus and that he was only thinking about how to impose himself in that position in addition to great strikers.

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