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“The Football Treasury of Bosnia and Herzegovina Football” opens up a new way!

A press conference ahead of the presentation of the monograph “The Football Treasury of Bosnia and Herzegovina Football” was held at the “House of Football” in Sarajevo today.

About the monograph spoke the author Branko Tomić, one of the reviewers Mirsad Fazlagic and the FF BH General Secretary, Adnan Džemidžić.

Tomić said about the idea of doing the Treasury:

“It’s a little difficult to talk about something you did yourself. The idea of making a book came about suddenly and spontaneously. Two years ago, I published The Olympic Scrapbook, a book about Olympians from Bosnia and Herzegovina. After that book, the idea of doing a football scrapbook was born. However, in order not to repeat the topic, we called it “The Football Treasury” where we tried to collect all that is valuable from the BH football from the early days of the 1900s to the present. We were counting on one book, but after two years of research, it was impossible to fit everything into one, and in agreement with the publisher, that is the FF BH, we decided to go with the first book until 1992 and the second one from 1992. till today.”

The author of the book further added:

“I wanted to break away from oblivion the previous period. You are witnesses of the post-war years, and those who are engaged in more persistent writing, I would recommend that they systematize their material as much as possible, and one day there will be a continuation of this or any other treasury. I spent two summers in the archives of the City and the archives of the Federation of B&H. I hope to shed light on the beginnings of football in B&H, its initial development, its path from 1941 to 1945, until the breakup of Yugoslavia. To grasp the full depth of this development, two or three more books like this are needed. I focused on representative issues, but a complete history of football in B&H would require even more. I've done a lot already, and you, younger ones, try to supplement it. I tried to correct many mistakes; I do not claim that they will not be here again. There is a lot of clashing of facts, opinions and ratings, so it is impossible to do this without errors, but I hope there are no more serious ones. As an author, I am pleased with how Amos Graf printed it. I am satisfied with the cooperation with the FF BH which gave me full support without any restrictions.”

Mirsad Fazlagić also addressed the attendees:

“First of all, I would like to thank the FF BH for giving me the opportunity to be the one to try to shed light on the role of football in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 4 countries, that is, in 4 social systems that it went through. Through these systems, football showed its sociability and survived beside all the difficult moments that it experienced. I am charged by Mr. Branko to talk about a period in which I lived, so I can say a lot about the BH football in Yugoslavia since 1945. to 1992.”

Fazlagić points out that the book contains many facts and personalities relevant to football in B&H:

“By coincidence, I had a close relationship with Branko while he was an editor at Oslobođenje and while writing the Olympic Scrapbook. I have seen one professional persistence, because very few have made a truth book, which is fact-based and the right time has come to see who was who in the BH and Yugoslavian football. The book contains many good things, many great persons have been mentioned, so a more appropriate name would be the Super-Treasure.”

Adnan Džemidžić said:

“I have to pay my due respect to Mr. Branko Tomić, who is an encyclopaedia man and who helped all of us to illuminate this football path. Thanks also to Mr. Mirsad Fazlagić who is one of the reviewers of this book, a football bard and a man with a wide range of knowledge, who would do a lot if he played any other sport. We finally received a document that testifies that the ball has been rolling in this region for more than 100 years and that this Federation has its continuity. This is a great work for all of us who will continue to work in football and will be able to use whatever is written in this book. I believe we have made a worthwhile move that will open up a new path for all of us, and I believe that all those who should have been there, are in this book.”

The official promotion of the “Football Treasury of Bosnia and Herzegovina Football” will be staged in the Multimedia Hall of the Municipality of Novi Grad, Sarajevo, on 03.09.2019 at 20:00 h.

Bosna i Hercegovina 08. october 2020
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Stadium “Grbavica”, Sarajevo
 slovacka  08. october 2020
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Národný futbalový štadión - Bratislava


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