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Borac once again successful against Klis

At the “Rođeni” Stadium in Mostar, Klis from Buturović Polje hosted Borac Banja Luka today in the semi-final second-leg match of the Cup of Bosnia and Herzegovina 2020/21.

Borac, who entered this match with a 4:1 advantage from the first-leg match, this time won 1:2.

At the beginning of the match, Borac had the field initiative. Stojan Vranješ shot over the goal from a favourable position in the 7th minute, and in 9th, David Čavić took a corner kick from the left side, and Đorđe Milojević headed the ball next to the goal.

The guests come to the advantage in the 13th minute. Goran Zakarić greatly sent a ball to the opponent’s penalty area for Panagiotis Moraitis, who was accurate for 0:1.

Only two minutes later, Klis equalized. Muamer Vila took the ball away from Borac Milojević’s defender, went out alone in front of the goalkeeper Nikola Lakić and hit the net for 1:1.

Borac had the next opportunity in the 21st minute, when Čavić shot well from about 25 meters, but hit the post. Vranješ tried again in the 26th minute, but again he was not precise from a good position.

Klis also threatened through Vedad Šabanović in the 43rd minute, when he shot well from a free kick, but Lakić defended.

Borac scored the second goal in the first minute of the additional time of the first half. After a free kick from the left side, the ball bounced off the post to Zakarić, who passed it behind the goalkeeper Armin Cero for 1:2.

Edin Canović had a good attempt for Klis from the top of the penalty area in the 52nd minute, and Lakić was once again up to the task and threw the ball into the corner.

After that, the pace of the game dropped, and the next chance was seen only in the 77th minute, when Zakarić shot from a distance, and this time Cero intervened well.

Borac will play in the finals with the better team from the Sarajevo vs. Tuzla City match.

Klis - Borac 1:2 (1:2) – first-leg match 1:4

Stadium: “Rođeni”, Mostar

Referee: Dražen Marić (Bijeljina)

Assistant Referees: Emir Zahiragić (Sarajevo), Bojan Maksimović (Modriča)

4th Official: Aleksandar Njegomirović (Prnjavor)

Match Delegate: Goran Skoko (Ljubuški)

Referee Observer: Sead Kulović (Sarajevo)

Goals: 0:1 Moraitis (13th), 1:1 Vila (14th), 1:2 Zakarić (45th + 1 minute)

Yellow cards: Vila, Husrep, Makan (Klis), Milojević, Molls (Borac)

Klis: Armin Cero, Faris Bajramović, Omer Ćosić, Vedad Šabanović (62nd minute, Azer Kozić), Muamer Vila (88th minute, Nedim Mujak), Bern Šimunović, Edin Canović (71st minute, Mirnes Jahić), Mirza Pirija, Aldin Husrep (88th minute, Jusuf Gabela), Adi Makan, Samir Bitevija (62nd minute, Amel Bajrić). Coach: Nedim Kudra

Borac: Nikola Lakić, Marko Kujundžić (46th minute, Aleksandar Subić), Siniša Dujaković, Aleksandar Vojnović, Dejan Bosančić (46th minute, Donald Molls), David Čavić, Stojan Vranješ (60th minute, Milan Šikanjić), Dejan Meleg, Đorđe Milojević (46th minute, Miloš Borovčanin), Panagiotis Moraitis (70th minute, Amar Tahrić), Goran Zakarić. Coach: Marko Maksimović

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