SFK 2000 Sarajevo winner of the Cup of Bosnia and Herzegovina!

The final match of the Cup of Bosnia and Herzegovina for the female seniors between Iskra Bugojno and SFK 2000 Sarajevo was played at the FF BH Training Centre in Zenica today.

SFK won with 3:0 and so came to the 15th title in the Cup of our country.

The Sarajevo team came to the advantage in the 9th minute. Mejrema Medić got the ball in the five-meter area, got rid of her keepers and hit the net of Elma Kundić for 1:0.

SFK 2000 team had several more chances in the opening minutes of the match, while Iskra threatened in the 21st minute for the first time, when shot of Lejla Koluh from the edge of the penalty area was stopped by Envera Hasanbegović.

The team from Sarajevo continued with attacks, and Jasna Đoković had a great opportunity in the 30th minute, when she undisturbed kicked from the left from about 15 meters across the goal. After a minute, Aida Hadžić tried from a distance too, but she was not precise.

In the 36th minute, Đoković passed on the left side and sent the ball on the opposite goal post to Aida Hadžić, who did not make mistakes and doubled the advantage of her team.

SFK 2000 scored the third goal in the 39th minute, when Tamara Bojat was quicker than defending players of Iskra, came in front of the opponent’s goal and sent the ball behind the back of Elma Kundić. She was assisted by Mejrema Medić.

SFK 2000 had the initiative also in the second period of the match, and Hadžić missed the best opportunity in the 57th minute, when she sent the ball by head from five meters beside the goal. Hadžić tried two times from distance, at the 80th and 83rd minute. Kundić stopped her shot the first time, and the second time the ball went very close to the goal post.

In the additional time, the opportunity for Iskra was missed by Marina Lukić, when she kicked from the right side directly into the well-positioned Envera Hasanbegović.

After the match, Samira Hurem, the head coach of the winning team, said: “We deserved to win the trophy. We can be happy with the game in the first half, my players were highly motivated. Afterwards, the rhythm of the game fell and everyone seemed to be waiting for the end. I expected more from the Iskra team, which is still the third in the Premier League table. We are a team that works, trains a lot, and that’s why we are where we are.”

Cups and medals were handed over to the finalists by a member of the FF BH Executive Board, Muhamed Begagić, a member of the Women’s Football Committee, Safija Mahmić, and member of the Competition Committee, Rudolf Marić.

Iskra - SFK 2000 Sarajevo 0:3 (0:3)

FF BH Training Centre, Zenica

Referee: Rajka Vuković (Novi Grad)

Assistant Referees: Tamara Došen (Prijedor), Mladena Vejnović (Novi Grad)

4th Official: Amina Gluhić (Zenica)

Match Delegate: Lajla Merdanović (Sarajevo)

Referee Observer: Muamer Bureković (Zenica)

Goals: 0:1 Medić (8th minute), 0:2 Hadžić (36th minute), 0:3 Bojat (39th minute).

Yellow cards: U. Lužić, Behrem (Iskra)

Iskra: Elma Kundić, Lejla Koluh, Naida Jusić, Marina Lukić, Samira Goretić (90th+1 minute, Alma Haračić), Ulmija Lužić, Samra Bajrić (85th minute, Sanela Mlivo), Emina Mezit (55th minute, Lamija Lužić), Emka Bašić, Andrea Grebenar, Sabina Behram. Head Coach: Samir Vrban

SFK 2000 Sarajevo: Envera Hasanbegović, Zerina Piskić, Jasna Đoković (79th minute, Azra Numanović), Amira Spahić, Tamara Bojat, Alisa Spahić, Selma Kapetanović, Mejrema Medić (87th minute, Minela Džaferović), Azra Hamzić (87th minute, Mia Kuljanin), Aida Hadžić, Šejla Selimović. Head Coach: Samira Hurem

  Team P W D L Pnt
1 FK SARAJEVO 33 21 7 5 70
2 HŠK ZRINJSKI 33 19 8 6 65
3 NK ŠIROKI BRIJEG 33 13 15 5 54
4 FK ŽELJEZNIČAR 33 14 8 11 50
5 FK RADNIK 33 10 14 9 44
7 NK ČELIK 33 11 10 12 43
8 FK SLOBODA TUZLA 33 10 8 15 38
9 FK ZVIJEZDA-09 33 9 11 13 38
10 FK TUZLA CITY 33 9 9 15 36
11 FK KRUPA NA VRBASU 33 8 9 16 33
12 NK GOŠK 33 5 8 20 23

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