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ŠF Sparta is working on popularization in football

In the competition for the UEFA Grassroots awards, in the category of the best initiative of popularization in football, there was ŠF Sparta from Sarajevo.

In less than two years since its founding, ŠF Sparta has become the most popular football school in Bosnia and Herzegovina for age under 13, with almost 350 members.

The founder and president of ŠF Sparta, Amil Šukalo, says about the activities he carries out with his associates:

“Basically, we do everything that other football schools do, but still in a different way. We strive to create an environment for children to feel like real football players and to feel on the pitch what they see when they watch the national team, the Champions League and all those great matches on TV.”

Šukalo added:

“We have been selecting children since the age of seven, where we have developmental and competitive groups and where we adjust the work plan to the quality of the group. In training sessions, 2 to 3 coaches always work with a group of 20 boys, so that they can dedicate themselves as much as possible to young players. In addition, we organize many projects that strive to maintain a high degree of focus on youth football, and these are the Mini League, the Winter League (7 + 1), Arena X Cup, Champions Trophy, Kids Soccer Days, Spartacup.”

The association “Sparta Football School” was registered in November 2019. At the head of the school are young and innovative people, who do not leave any segment to chance. The vision of the school is to enable young football players progressive development and progress through a work program, with a pedagogical approach and with quality coaching staff.

Amil Šukalo also reveals what motivated him to start this project:

“I have always been motivated to do anything that has connections with football. I also tried to play, so I interrupted my career due to an injury while I was cadet, so that my wish remained unfulfilled. Through the school of football, I managed to fill that empty space and to enable someone what I secretly wanted, to achieve a career as a football player. We have talents in our country and if we change our approach, we can do much more in all sports.”

The association’s program is currently planned for children aged 4-15 and all activities related to its implementation are in the function of the overall development of the child (physical, creative, emotional and cognitive). The program is not aimed at creating top athletes, but at encouraging the optimal development of motor potentials of children aged 4-15.

  Team P W D L Pnt
1 HŠK ZRINJSKI 18 12 3 3 39
2 NK ŠIROKI BRIJEG 19 10 6 3 36
3 FK BORAC 19 10 3 6 33
4 FK ŽELJEZNIČAR 18 8 5 5 29
5 FK SARAJEVO 18 7 4 7 25
6 FK VELEŽ 18 5 9 4 24
7 HŠK POSUŠJE 19 6 5 8 23
8 FK TUZLA CITY 19 6 3 10 21
9 FK LEOTAR 19 6 3 10 21
10 FK SLOGA DOBOJ 19 6 3 10 21
11 FK SLOBODA TUZLA 19 4 7 8 19
12 FK IGMAN 19 4 5 10 17
Host Score Guest

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