Draw in the control match

A control match between candidates for the Women’s “A” national team from the BH Premier Women’s League and the U-19 women’s team was played at the FF BH Training Centre in Zenica today and ended with a tie result of 2:2.

The juniors came to advantage in the 10th minute. Ines Ružić came in the opponent’s penalty area from the right and managed to hit the opposing corner of the goal of Elma Kundić for 0:1.

Three minutes later, the advantage was doubled. Sofija Krajšumović passed from the left, giving the return ball to Sarah Spahić who was precise from ten meteres.

The seniors missed a good opportunity in the 37th minute. Esmeralda Mujkić took the left side and handed the ball to Marina Lukić, who undisturbed shot from the penalty spot toward the goalkeeper Nikolina Todorić.

In the finish of the first half, Krajšumović once again ran through the opposing defenders, but her shot from the edge of the penalty area was stopped by Kundić.

The PWL players reduced the advantage of juniors in the 56th minute. Ulmija Lužić centred from left and Nikolina Vujadin gave the ball by head to Esmeralda Mujkić who scored a goal.

Krajšumović used her speed in the 65th minute, when she bypassed the run-forward goalkeeper Edna Mašić, but was not precise from the distance.

The captain of the senior team, Valentina Šakotić, made a corner-kick in the 87th minute, and the highest in the jump was Branka Bagarić, whose attempt by head was bounced into the filed by Iman Šljivo. In the continuation of the action, Mujkić was not precise from a favourable position in the penalty area.

Marina Lukić equalized the result with a great kick from over twenty meters on the right in the 90th minute. There were no chances in the additional time, so the result of 2:2 stayed.

BH women’s “A” national team (PWL) vs. BH U-19 women’s team 2:2 (0:2)

FF BH Training Centre, Zenica

Referee: Amina Gluho

Assistant Referees: Nejra Halać, Medina Šut

Goals: 0:1 Ružić (10th minute), 0:2 Spahić (13th minute), 1:2 Mujkić (56th minute), 2:2 Lukić (90th minute).

Yellow card: Akelić (U-19)

BH PWL: Elma Kundić, Valentina Šakotić, Ulmija Lužić, Nikolina Vujadin, Vukica Mićanović, Vesna Njeguš, Lejla Koluh, Branka Bagarić, Marina Lukić, Mia Kuljanin, Esmeralda Mujkić. Also played: Edna Mašić, Minela Džaferović, Albina Butković, Adelisa Hromo, Nafija Rahmanović. Head Coach: Samira Hurem

BH U-19: Nikolina Todorić, Dušica Lukić, Lara Ganić, Alma Šečić, Tijana Pejić, Sabina Behrem, Anđela Mitrović, Sarah Spahić, Ines Ružić, Marija Damjanović, Sofija Krajšumović. Also played: Iman Šljivo, Josipa Musa, Maja Hrelja, Envera Akelić, Emka Bašić, Asja Buljubašić, Marija Doko. Head Coach: Dragan Jevtić

  Team P W D L Pnt
1 FK SARAJEVO 33 21 7 5 70
2 HŠK ZRINJSKI 33 19 8 6 65
3 NK ŠIROKI BRIJEG 33 13 15 5 54
4 FK ŽELJEZNIČAR 33 14 8 11 50
5 FK RADNIK 33 10 14 9 44
7 NK ČELIK 33 11 10 12 43
8 FK SLOBODA TUZLA 33 10 8 15 38
9 FK ZVIJEZDA-09 33 9 11 13 38
10 FK TUZLA CITY 33 9 9 15 36
11 FK KRUPA NA VRBASU 33 8 9 16 33
12 NK GOŠK 33 5 8 20 23

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